How does it work?

Bet your friends on sports is simple with yalla


1. Pick one or several matches and do your predictions

The major soccer competitions are available. For each selected match you just have to make a choice between victory, draw or defeat. And don't worry, as long as the first match of a bet isn't started you can update your predictions.

2. Set a stake

5€💰, a beer🍺, a kebab🥙, a fast-food🍔🍟, a coffee☕️, a pizza🍕, a cinema🍿, a dinner🍽 etc...

3. Challenge one or several friends

Group bets is available if you choose cash as a stake. If you bet a fun stake (beer, coffee, etc...) it will be a 1 vs. 1

4. Results

When all matches are done, the one with more good predictions wins. If your lose, you have no obligations to pay-up but we encourage you to be fair-play!

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Other features

For more fun!


  • Ranking 🥇🥈🥉

    Take a look at your rank among your friends. The more you win bets, the more chances you have to climb at the top of the ranking. Show your buddies who's the boss!

  • Balance tracking ⚖️

    At any time, you can track your gains & losses in the "Profile" section of the application. Make a payment or report when a payment has been settled.

  • Chatroom 💬

    Trash talk are allowed and encouraged before, during and after a bets. Your friends doing random predictions won against you? Let your heart talk 🔞💢⛔️🖕🈺🈹

  • Livescores ⏱

    Champions League finale, you don't have TV at home, your livestream is freezing every 5 min, boom livescores are on yalla! You bet on a game that occurs during a family dinner or a dinner with your BAE, boom livescores are on yalla!

  • Claim 📣

    Your friend owes you a beer or a coffee? Send him a notification each time your press the claim button. Your buddy dodging of paying you has no excuses!

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The team


Laurent Renon

Co-founder & CEO

Julian Perrin

Co-founder & CTO

Pierre Renon

Co-founder & UX designer

Virgile Bizet

Associate & android developer

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