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With yalla,
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How does it work ?

Bet your friends is simple with yalla. You pick one or several matches and make your predictions. Then, you set a stake (5 euros, a coffee, a beer, a kebab, etc...), choose a friend to challenge and press "send". Your friend will have to make his predictions. And when all the matches are finished, the one with with more good predictions wins. With yalla, you can also chat with your friends, improve your statistics to be at the top of the ranking and track your gains & losses.

  • 1. Pick one or several matches

    The major soccer competitions are available (La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Champion's League, Europa League, MLS, Ligue 2).

    Yalla matches
  • 2. Guess the result

    It's easy, for each selected match you just have to make a choice between victory, draw or defeat. And don't worry, as long as the first match of a bet isn't started you can update your predictions.

    Yalla guess the result
  • 3. Set a stake

    For the time being it's only possible to bet virtual money, a beer, a burger or a coffee. Other stakes will be added soon.

    Yalla set a stake
  • 4. Challenge a friend and press send

    Betting is better with a buddy. At the end of a bet, the one who has more good predictions wins. And for a better experience, you can see the results of each started matches in real time.

    Yalla challenge a friend
  • Ranking

    Take a look at your rank among your friends. The more you win bets, the more chances you have to climb at the top of the ranking. Show your buddies who's the boss!

    Yalla ranking
  • Balance tracking

    At any time, you can track your gains & losses in the "Profile" section of the application. Claim a due or report when a payment has been settled. Your buddy dodging of paying you has no excuses!

    Yalla balance tracking

Our team

We are a passionate team working hard to build the best social sports betting application. Our goal is to connect friends with each other to allow them to make bets in the simplest and funniest way.

Renon laurent

Renon Laurent

Co-founder & CEO

Perrin Julian

Perrin Julian

Co-founder & CTO

Renon Pierre

Renon Pierre

Co-founder & UX designer

Renon Pierre

Virgile Bizet

Associate & android developer

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